As a teacher, I strive to make complex topics approachable to students of varied backgrounds while at the same time pushing every student to maximize his or her career-enhancing, policy-relevant skills.

At DePaul, my courses include MPS 533 (Fall) Statistics for Public Service (Graduate), MPS 583 (Fall, Winter, Spring) Research Methods for Public Service (Graduate), MPS 519 (Winter) Resource Development for Nonprofit Organizations, and MPS 527 (Spring) Behavioral Strategies for Public Service.

At the University of Memphis, I taught PADM 7642 (Fall), Resource Development for Nonprofits Online (Graduate), PADM 4226 (Fall), Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations (Undergraduate), and PADM 7643 (Spring), Nonprofit Financial Management (Graduate).

At Duke, I served as a teaching assistant for both Microeconomics for Public Policy, taught by Dr. Charles Clotfelter, and Advanced Statistics and Econometrics for Public Policy, taught by Dr. Matt Harding. I also acted as the instructor for the MPP Summer Math Refresher.

To learn more about my teaching approach, download my 2017 Teaching Statement here. I love to incorporate multimedia materials in my classes. To that end, I have curated a list of Planet Money podcast episodes that can be used to teach Microeconomics. Download the list here!